Just Does It All

Benefits management made easy.

One Stop

JustBenefit is your one stop location that enables you to define multiple benefit types for employees, including medical, dental, and optical, plus you can customize your own.

Freedom From Paperwork

Set your employees free! Free from paperwork, that is. Employees can simply apply for claims directly from their online portal and attach receipts which lets you track all claims and receipts in one easy dashboard. Then JustBenefit automatically sends it to their manager for approval.

Clear And Confident

Greater employee satisfaction due to transparent and well-defined benefit entitlements. Uncertainty about benefits and how they are managed can be frustrating for employees. With JustBenefit, claims and approvals are all visible online, making the entire process simple and easy.

Just Gets It Right

Automated to ensure accuracy and compliance.

Easy Attachments


Receipts can be attached to each claim submitted, which is then routed to the designated manager for approval.

Be A History Buff


An audit history is generated for each claim, so employees always look back at their benefits usage.

Pro-rate Like A Pro


When a new employee joins in the middle of the year, JustBenefit automatically pro-rates their benefit entitlements.

Better Together


After approval, JustBenefit can sync claims directly to JustPayroll, to pay your employees and update their tax documents.

Just The Way You Need It

Tailored to your unique requirements.

Impressive Flexibility


You can set up multiple benefit types and timetables, as well as set cap limits. You can also set up varied entitlements based on employee grade and employment duration.

Benefit Groups


On top of annual and per claim caps for each benefit types, you can group several benefit types together to share the same capped allowance.



Credit or debit adjustments for all or selected employees easily with a click of a button.

Lighten The Carry-Forward Load


Unused entitlements can be brought forward to the employee’s next year balances, with options on how much can be carried forward.

Award-Winning HR Software

Simply the best benefits system for your business.

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