Why JustLogin?

Why JustLogin?

We just get it. We’ve been at this for almost 20 years, helping SMEs get ahead using our HR cloud applications. That cache of experience helps us understand your challenges and share your vision. We’re in this together.

You prefer people over paperwork

JustLogin saves you time and money by working with your existing systems and hardware. Everything’s on the cloud so it’s a turnkey solution that increases efficiency and gives you back more time to spend on what’s most important to your company…. Your people.

HR systems should make your job easier, not more complicated

To ensure accuracy and compliance, JustLogin can automatically calculate everything from overtime pay to leave entitlements. With JustLogin, you just get it right, every time.

Flexibility isn’t just for yogis

Every business is different, and you need HR systems that can be tailored to your unique requirements. JustLogin is configurable according to the policies you set, so it all works just the way you need it to.

JustLogin Just Does It All

With applications for just about every HR process there is,
let JustLogin do the heavy lifting, while you get back to doing what you do best.

We take the pain out of payroll

Save time on your payroll runs without worrying about accuracy and compliance. It’s all processed automatically according to the latest regulations. Learn more about JustPayroll.

You can leave your leave management to us

Leave entitlements can be automatically calculated based on factors such as seniority, experience, probation period or join date. And no more paperwork – employees can apply for leave on their mobile and even upload supporting documents like medical certificates. Learn more about JustLeave.

Tracking employee hours has never been easier

Clocking in and out is simple – just one click on an iPad (or other device) mounted at the entrance. Employees working remotely? No problem. They can clock in to work from any mobile device and the system will capture a photo and location in real-time. Learn more about JustClock.

Say goodbye to the mess of receipts and invoices

We’ll bring expense claims online and eliminate the tedious paperwork. Employees just scan and upload to the claims application, which then routes to appropriate managers for approvals. Learn more about JustExpense.

Benefits management made simple

Learn more about JustBenefit.

Everything about your employees at your fingertips

Learn more about JustPeople.

We Help You Put All The Pieces Together

Our modules can operate individually, integrate with your existing systems,
or sync with other JustLogin components to streamline your HR systems.

For fully automated payroll

JustPayroll + JustLeave + JustClock
Leave deductions and overtime hours are automatically transferred into JustPayroll for pay calculations.

For seamless reimbursements

JustPayroll + JustExpense + JustBenefit
Approved expense and benefit claims are sent to JustPayroll for payment to your employees together with their salary.

For powerful time & attendance

JustLeave + JustClock
JustLeave calendars are synced with JustClock so that shift rosters, attendance records and work hour calculations are adjusted accordingly.

Just Give Us A Try For Free Today!

Our integrated, cloud-based HR solutions take the workload off your shoulders, not add to it. No credit card required.

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