Just Does It All

Fully automated for painless payroll processing.

As Easy As 1,2,3 

Run payroll in just 3 simple steps with JustPayroll’s easy-to-use dashboard. Save time and reduce errors with automated calculations, and also improve compliance with SSB regulations.

Go Mobile

Get paid on the go. With our mobile app, employees will receive an automatic notification when their itemized monthly pay slips are ready for viewing. The JustLogin app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Get in Sync

No more manual data entry. JustPayroll is a distinguished payroll system fully integrated with both QuickBooks Online and Xero, creating a seamless and error-free transfer from payroll to accounts. With JustLogin’s distinguished payroll software, leave deductions and overtime hours are automatically transferred from JustLeave and JustClock for pay calculations.

Just Gets It Right

Payroll software automated to ensure accuracy and compliance.

Automated SSB Monthly contribution & SSB File generation


JustPayroll helps you to auto-compute SSB contributions according to the latest rates set by the government and generate files for easy submission.

Automated Income Tax & Tax Reconciliation Calculations


Generate and submit relevant forms such as Form 15 & Form 16 for Monthly and Yearly tax contribution

Bank Submission File Generation


Compatible with AYA, KBZ and CB banks

Always Up-To-Date


The contribution rate and other policy changes are constantly updated, so you won’t have to worry about keeping up with statutory regulations.

Just The Way You Need It

Payroll software tailored to your unique requirements.

Configurable Pay Items


Create as many payroll items as you need. Just choose whether it’s an allowance, deduction, or reimbursement and it’ll be displayed on the payslip.

Who’s Who?


To ensure the utmost privacy and security, you control who sees what. Differentiate staff with access to sensitive pay information from those who may only need non-pay related details.

Impressive Flexibility


Pay different employees on different schedules with both monthly and fortnightly pay run options. Ad-hoc runs can be used for bonuses, back pay or other one-off payments.

Reporting Duty


We’ve compiled over 20 different reports to help you review and compare a wide variety of payroll data.

Award-Winning Payroll Software

Simply the best payroll for your business. Click the play button to view a demo.

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